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​​​​​​​​​​​What is Rory and what do we use it for at Hutchins?​

What are my responsibilities when using Rory?​

Rory accounts - how do I login? Who can login? ​

The Basics

About Componenets

About Groups

About the Rory menu

About Rory News​

About the Rory calendar

About Resource Bookings

About staff and student views


Rory and Copyrighted resources

Rory and the Community Portal

For new Teachers

Great designs gallery

How to make a year level or class home page

How to add your students to your home page

How to make a course (About Course Builder)

How to import a Course to a home page

How to make a tile​

Uploading links and files

How to embed videos and widgets (ClickView, YouTube and others) ​

How to create folders of images to use with image componenets​

Day to day Teacher activities ​

Emailing students and parents from Rory 

Setting up assignments​ 

Marking assignments

Building a Rubrics

About PlagScan​​​

Marking Attendance


Pastoral Care Module

Using the Pastoral Care Module

Need more help?

​​SchoolBox Help site 

SchoolBox YouTube site ​

Hutchins teacher training course​

Email The Rory Teacher Help Group:​​

Email IT: