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Outside Hours School Care


2018 Fee Schedule.pdf
283 KB
2019 Enrolment Pack.pdf
1477 KB
Summer 2018 Holiday Program Booking Form.pdf
259 KB
Summer 2018 Holiday Program.pdf
249 KB
CS Philosophy coloured.pdf
122 KB
CS-000 policy index.pdf
144 KB
CS-100 Abandoned Child Policy.pdf
197 KB
CS-101 Absconded or Lost Child Policy.pdf
196 KB
CS-102 Admissions Bookings and Fees Policy.pdf
213 KB
CS-103 Behaviour Guidance Policy.pdf
221 KB
CS-105 Child Protection Policy.pdf
247 KB
CS-106 Clothing and Comfort Policy.pdf
209 KB
CS-107 Collection of Children Policy.pdf
207 KB
CS-114 Excursions Policy.pdf
229 KB
CS-118 Health and Hygiene Policy.pdf
216 KB
CS-119 Infectious Diseases and Immunisation Policy.pdf
207 KB
CS-121 Medication Administration Policy.pdf
221 KB
CS-123 Nutrition and Healthy Eating.pdf
218 KB
CS-124.1 Health and Safety Addendum.pdf
216 KB
CS-125 Parent Access and Information Policy.pdf
194 KB
CS-127 Program Planning Policy.pdf
218 KB
CS-128 Record Management Policy.pdf
198 KB
CS-129 Sleep Rest and Relaxation Policy.pdf
210 KB
CS-131 Supervision and Staff Interaction Policy.pdf
210 KB
CS-132 Plants and Vegetation Policy.pdf
196 KB
CS-133 Medical Conditions Policy.pdf
224 KB
CS-134 Water Safety Policy.pdf
199 KB
CSP-100 Children's Services Philosophy.pdf
202 KB