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Outside Hours School Care


2019 Fee Schedule.pdf
417 KB
Child Care DDR Form - The Hutchins School.pdf
993 KB
Hutchins OSHC Enrolment Pack.pdf
Checked Out To: Benjamin SearleHutchins OSHC Enrolment Pack.pdf
Checked Out To: Benjamin Searle
3220 KB
October 2019 Holiday Program.pdf
349 KB
Folder: Forms and Procedures
CS-100 Abandoned Child Policy.pdf
260 KB
CS-101 Absconded or Lost Child Policy.pdf
282 KB
CS-102 Admissions Bookings and Fees Policy.pdf
298 KB
CS-103 Behaviour Guidance Policy.pdf
295 KB
CS-105 Child Protection Policy.pdf
321 KB
CS-106 Clothing and Comfort Policy.pdf
303 KB
CS-107 Collection of Children Policy.pdf
279 KB
CS-114 Excursions Policy.pdf
303 KB
CS-118 Health and Hygiene Policy.pdf
292 KB
CS-119 Infectious Diseases and Immunisation Policy.pdf
298 KB
CS-121 Medication Administration Policy.pdf
308 KB
CS-123 Nutrition and Healthy Eating.pdf
292 KB
CS-124.1 Health and Safety Addendum.pdf
262 KB
CS-127 Program Planning Policy.pdf
311 KB
CS-128 Record Management Policy.pdf
300 KB
CS-129 Sleep Rest and Relaxation Policy.pdf
313 KB
CS-131 Supervision and Staff Interaction Policy.pdf
310 KB
CS-132 Plants and Vegetation Policy.pdf
288 KB
CS-133 Medical Conditions Policy.pdf
312 KB
CS-134 Water Safety Policy.pdf
286 KB
CSP-100 Children's Services Philosophy.pdf
285 KB